Most likely Mid Major Coaches to jump up E-mail
Friday, 22 February 2008
Sean Miller of Xavier
One of the top recruiters out there. Has established Xavier as a legitimate top 20 national program year in and out. If a good Big East Job opens, he is your guy!

Keno Davis of Drake
Many doubted his abilities, but he has proven that he was a good choice as his father's successor. Now 22-3. Look for him to make the 1 year jump like Stan Heath did a few years back. Who could blame him?

Anthony Grant of VCU
An integral part of Florida's back to back national championships. Also has wasted no time winning at VCU. Look for him to be a front-runner at LSU and South Carolina

Randy Bennett of St. Marys
The seasoned veteran of the group. Has built St Mary's as the best mid-major program out West besides Gonzaga. Oregon State is his job to loose, and if Cal opens, he's the main target.

Brad Stevens of Butler
Took the helm at 30 years old, but you can't argue with the year 1 success. Now 25-2 overall
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