DePaul's Top 5 List E-mail
Thursday, 21 January 2010

So DePaul wants to be relevant again huh? Here are the topfive candidates that the DePaul basketball is eying, according to our sources.


1 – Brian Gregory, Dayton head coach

2 – Craig Robinson, Oregon State head coach

3 – Chris Lowery, Southern Illinois head coach

4 – Isiah Thomas, Central Florida head coach

5 – Ben Jacobson, Northern Iowa head coach


We hear that Robinson will definitely listen, as he’d loveto go back to Chicago. We think that Gergory is a long shot. Thomas andJacobson are the least likely on this list to get the gig. Thomas isn’t reallyready but would be a fierce recruiter. Jacobson just probably wouldn’t be thatgood of a fit, as he’s never really been anywhere other than Cedar Falls. 

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